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From Hell's Heart 001

I love this time of year. I love the holiday season and everything it brings. I love the gatherings, the food, and the general atmosphere of positivity. There's something special about November and December. Maybe it's the whole "end of the year" thing and we're all scrambling to make up for the crappy things we've done all year. Maybe it's just that we instinctively get more introspective when the temperature drops. 

Sure, there can be a fair amount of chaos and absurd amount of commercialism, but I think you have to choose what you invite into your space. It doesn't have to be about those things, in other words. I often feel like anything is possible this time of year, like we can set goals and accomplish them. It's a good feeling.

I decided to take the rest of 2016 off from Twitter. Without a doubt, Twitter is my favorite social media platform and I think that a lot of good can come from it. Breaking news, for instance. I always seem to find out what is going in the world on Twitter first. It's also a fantastic tool for networking. Many of the freelance work I've got over the years came from calls and connections on Twitter. It's been a mostly positive force.

That said, things have been different lately. There's an overwhelming amount of negativity out there and Twitter seems to amplify it. I have bad habit of dwelling on this negativity, of searching it out and poking the hornet's nest. I was, without a doubt, being drawn into far too much of it and it was sapping my energy, my focus, and my ability to work.

So, I'm calling it quits. For now. We'll see how I feel in 2017. I'm pretty sure I'll be back on Twitter, but so far I have not missed it much, so maybe I'll extend my social media holiday. I'm keeping it open and playing it by ear.

Captain Ultimate collections are in hand and should begin mailing out soon. If you contributed to the Kickstarter (thank you!) your copy will be on the way to you any day now. I'm very excited for you all to get this into yours hands; it came out amazing and we're immensely proud of it. If you an interested in ordering one, stay tuned. It'll be available for purchase in early 2017, I believe. 

The Sonic the Hedgehog I contributed to has been collected in a trade. You can pick it up now from comic shops and bookstores. If they don't have a copy, they should be able to order you one. Or you can order it online from places likes Midtown Comics. It's a fun story with some awesome artwork.

I wrote a big piece on The Dillinger Escape Plan over at the Nerdist. You can read it here. I really loved that band and I'm super bummed to see them go. I mean, I get it; I get that they knew it was time to call it quits, but I'm sad all the same.

I'm stoked on the pictures by Kayla Chin the accompany the article. She's clearly an insane talent.

I had the pleasure of premiering the stream of the Youth Funeral album Heavenward. I'm really impressed with this band and the frantic noise they make. You can check it out here in my weekly Scream at a Wall column. 

Benjamin Bailey